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Dignitary-Style Counter­surveillance Protections for Non-Adversarial Prominent People

Valuable Protections  for  Honorable Executives

Many people who have relatively simple lives and reasonably low-profile professions tend to misunderstand the vulnerabilities that you face as a prominent individual or as a function of your good-faith profession.  Some people have the naïve notion that living a properly lawful life, with no intentions of ever hurting anyone, would prevent delicately complicated situations that legitimately require secrecy. 


Confidentiality Your Work and Data

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures
TSCM  beyond  Relevant Military Specifications

Be productive with resources of a technically advanced office or command center.  These powerful protections surpass the sophistication of what is readily available commercially.

If the associated costs are worthwhile for you, we can provide powerful countersurveillance systems of security for you, your computers, your phone calls, and your E-mail.

Our technologies are only suitable for friendly, lawful, commercial applications. 

Location-Stripped • Seriously Encrypted
Security-Enhanced Phone Calls
Internet and E-mail

For security and reliability, we can coordinate with you for offshore-encrypted Internet access, disabled from being directly traced electronically.

For sensitive communications, we prevent your location from being traced via the Internet or for your Internet usage to be intercepted.  If you are unsure whether you have clean equipment, we have optionally available systems that surpass relevant MILSPEC technology at the TS//SCI level, lawfully beyond what is readily available commercially.  That level of security surpasses what is readily available commercially, and is enabled via separate technologies including location-stripped, internationally parsed, multilayered VPNs with salted single-instance encryption for your Internet. Your E-mail is further protected by additional layers of internationally parsed, singe-instance, salted encryption.

Multiple unrelated layers of premium-grade closed systems are used, surpassing relevant MILSPEC TS//SCI requirements.

These protections bypass exposures to to a wide variety of vulnerabilities, as would otherwise be present with, for example, direct TOR connections.

We can provide you with an extraordinarily secure, full-featured computer system, which would also provide you with the productivity of being connected to two large monitors and a full printer.  If you are willing to abide by the inconvenient protocols and incur the reasonably affordable costs, we can uphold a broad spectrum of sophistication that generally surpasses many TS//SCI intelligence specifications.