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Off-Book Executive Services

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Loyally Off-Book with Countersurveillance

Work productively and attend meetings with the professionalism of a private office and conference room. Complimentary transportation is provided to and from the class-A office building. Limited secretarial support is complimentary.

Off-Book Meetings
Your Passage to Unfettered Freedom
untraceable corporate blacksite

In addition to your confidential presence in Orange County, we can confidentially provide a conference and business services.

We know how to coordinate countersurveillance-enabled meetings. Covert arrangements include parking, comprehensive full-service catering, encrypted video and teleconferencing, general clerical support, and almost any other needs you seek (fees apply).

A luxury assortment of accouterments of a boardroom meeting are included with meeting services. A congenial hostess enters the otherwise sound-proofed room when called, offering refreshments and any support. A countersurveillance expert is available on-site for teleconferencing with security past military specifications that would be relevant to serious commercial situations.

Dignitary Discretion Secretary and Conference Room
Signature Equipment
Dignitary Discretion Incidental Covert Remote Assistance
Supporting Your Complex Business Needs

A semi-retired executive with high-profile sophistication and a discreet support staffer are happy to coordinate whatever sophisticated, sensitive business requests you have. Additional fees apply, and as much advanced notice as possible will help us to prepare accordingly.

The following are examples of common, routine tasks, beyond which we shall attune complex services based on your sophisticated circumstances. 

  • Discreet administration of invitations and incoming RSVPs.  Invitees are not provided any unauthorized information, such as your current location.
  • Secret administration of seriously encrypted videoconferencing or teleconferencing.
  • Secret administration of any audio-visual presentations.
  • Confidential secretarial and catering services.
Clandestine Rally Point in Newport Beach

If you are local to Southern California, and you are interested in confidential support, please call us for a free, no-obligation, friendly consultation.

If you are an on-the-move executive, and if you would like intensive, comprehensive support, please click here to learn about our Catapult Your Success package. Even better, please contact us for a custom solution.

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