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Often Misperceived

Lack of Empathy by the Populace

The most salient topic to the general public who are curious about us pertains to countersurveillance.  Until someone has been put into insidious, sophisticated peril—with risks facing themselves, their loved ones, their family, and/or the livelihoods of their company's investors and employees, many people do not readily comprehend the real and serious need for a moral, non-adversarial, well-intentioned person to need countersurveillance.

Risks to Fund Managers and deal-makers

An important segment of our client base is comprised of fund managers, investment bankers who personally participate in confidential negotiations ("deal-makers," in banker parlance), and other discretionary investors.

Few discretionary managers of investment funds are household names, but they wield potentially lucrative value via information (negotiations and deals prior to announcements), status (making others careers by stepping on their good names), and, more directly, substantial funds. Therefore, from a practical perspective among potentially ruthless and sophisticated adversaries, they are indeed effectively vulnerable to the risks of high-profile individuals. The lure of fortunes and the lifting of careers of ambitious adversaries often leads to layers of complexity and sophistication that surpass public comprehension of the respective situations.

Diametric Mischaracterization

Sudden and Undeserved Losses of Reputation and Resources

One of several sources of inspiration for our services originated from the decades of experiences of a close associate and friend of our founders. Many of the details have now been declassified.

This friend had provided covert protection of US-friendly exiled heads of state. In particular, he arranged for secure, secret hospitality for two unrelated heads of state who, to this day, are each regarded by most Americans as having been abysmally dishonest and immoral scoundrels--somehow forgetting that these leaders created and upheld important ally relationships with the US.

The denigration was fabricated from the rewritten history of the propaganda spread by the respective countries' subsequent leaders. What most Americans do not realize is that the leaders had been exiled, without cogent means of defending themselves, after denigrations of their clandestine cooperation and support of interests of the United States. The defamatory profiles were twisted out of context from reality, and the actual impetus by the successors of the denigration was to push out Western influences--contributing to some of the United States' worst troubles of the present.

Our associate did not betray these former leaders like the rest of the world. He kept them healthy, safe via untraceable whereabouts, and relatively comfortable. An inspirational example is how one of these friendlies had been secretly kept at a US military base.

Although it kept him safe, the base was lonely, boring, and utilitarian. He dreamed of a particular US beer that had been a favorite indulgence of his with the US ambassador. As is characteristic of our associate's virtue of unwavering loyalty, our associate had a case of that particular beer flown by helicopter to that military base every week. The former leader was reminded every week that he at least had one friend who had not betrayed him.


Suppressing Exposure to Exploitation

Is an adversary vying to exploit your rightful success?

Empower yourself with the freedom
to organize an effective defense and offense.

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A wise strategy can be to rally with your counsel and devotees in a fortified position to organize an effective victory against those who are trying to manipulate your success for their benefit.


This could be your crossroads to avoid becoming
another quickly-forgotten news story with a rough ending.

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